A Buying Guide for a gaming monitor

Who doesn’t love gaming? Most people do. Gaming setup is the main requirement when it comes to high-end games. Because if you want to experience incredible gaming then you must have a full gaming setup in your hand. Gaming Monitor is one of those requirements which enhance the experience and help you to become the best gamer. Nowadays many monitors with a variety of features are available online and offline both. 

Today we will talk about some points which will help you to buy a gaming monitor. There are many games available online which can only be played on PC. Choosing the best gaming monitor is a little tough task because you have to check each specification and technology.

Let’s have a look at a buying guide for a gaming monitor.

How to choose the best gaming monitor?

There are a few features and specs which should be looked at while purchasing a gaming monitor. I will cover them one by one so that there will be no confusion.

  • Screen Size and Resolution – This is the main spec that is important while buying a gaming monitor. There are different sizes available so you can choose it according to your need. For screen size, the recommendation will be between 24-32 inches. Resolution varies from HD to 4K so according to me, the bigger resolution and size will be great because it will help you to observe each detail and play professionally.
  • Refresh Rate – Refresh rate is measured in hertz and it is the major one that helps in experiencing incredible gaming. Higher refresh rates will be best for games as you can play games without interruption. The minimum recommendation will be 60hz and the maximum is 144hz for boost performance.
  • Response Time – The next requirement will be response time. If your monitor has a slow response time, then there will be blurriness or ghosting. So, if you don’t want to experience slow gaming then look for the high response time in your monitor.
  • HDR – HDR means High Dynamic Range which makes your images more clear and best. It is best to compare to resolution in the aspect of image quality. I suggest you look for DisplayHDR 400 or higher to experience high-end gaming.
  • Inputs and Outputs – While purchasing a gaming monitor, try to look for inputs and outputs feature like HDMI, USB Type C or Thunderbolt.
  • Adaptive Sync- To avoid screen tearing, adaptive sync is important. AMD and Nvidia both come with this and both have incredible features. Look for this feature in your gaming monitor as Adaptive Sync is best for experiencing incredible gaming.


These were a few tips that will help you to buy a gaming monitor. Other aspects like budget, requirements also matter. First, you can decide your budget and identify your requirements then go ahead with these specs. For gaining good experience while gaming without any interruption, these specs are very important. I hope this buying guide for gaming monitors was helpful and quite informative for you. We will cover more topics like this and get back to you. 

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