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Working from home has been very important since the pandemic. During a pandemic, when people started to lose their job because of not being able to attend office then some companies have come with this solution. They started providing work from home and it helped many employees around the world. Now the most important thing when it comes to doing office work from home is the best to monitor, computer system and others. People tend to have these types of questions in their mind that how can they find the best monitor for work from home? Is my monitor is good enough for managing office work? Can I get any best monitor for work from home in my budget? and many more. That’s why we decided to help you in this confusion so you can complete all your work from the comfort of home without being stuck.

Top 5 best monitors for work from home

  • Delta UltraSharp UP3218K – This is best business monitor which can fulfil all your work requirements with high resolution. The screen size of this monitor is 32 inch with 7680X4320 resolution and response time 6ms. Isn’t it great to have this size monitor in your hand so you cannot miss any single detail. The image quality of this monitor is amazing which is very helpful for maintaing accuracy in work. It is an excellent tool known for providing productivity in your work and make it more professional. 


  • ASUS MB169B – The next one of the best monitor launched by Asus has been very productive when it comes to work from home. This product has screen size of 15.6 inches which helps you to carry it without any issues. This monitor is very portable and you can easily work on this from the comfort of your home. It also comes with automatic screen orientation and slim design.



  • MSI Prestige PS341WU – MSI Prestige has screen size of 34 inches which is quite big and help you to mention every detail. It has HDMI inputs as well as Display ports. With amazing 5K2K resolution, this monitor has been on the top for managing office work. It could be the best option if you are looking for work from home monitor with advanced features.


  • ACER V276HL – This monitor has amazing value and decent screen size of 27 inches. It is budget friendly monitor which comes at reasonable rates and provide 6ms response rate. If you are looking for a productive monitor with budget price then it could be one of the best option for you. The only con in this monitor is that it doesn’t have any speakers so try to check all things before making your decision.


  • LG 25UM58-P – LG monitor have 25 inch screen size with 2560X1080 resolution and response time of 5ms. These features looks tempting and reasonable for working from home. It also have high color accuracy feature and picture in picture mode so it can be additional benefits for you. This monitor also doesn’t have speakers which can be a disadvantage too so check this one before purchasing it.





These were our best monitor for work from home and their specifications and benefits. Working from home requires many additional specs which can be adjusted according to your requirements. So, according to our suggestion, try to check your requirements and budget before making your decision. This step will help you get the best item in your hand which will fulfil all your requirements and helps you to acheive your goal from home. 

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