ASUS MB168B (7)

ASUS MB168B Monitor Review

In today’s world, everything is going digital now. Work from home trend also has been started since pandemic and to complete the requirements, you must have the updated computer system with you. Now, the main concern comes when you have to carry all these things with you while travelling or any other reason. To do so, technology has introduced portable and ultra thin monitors. Today we are going to review a monitor like this which is ASUS MB168B. This monitor is very thin and portable so anyone can carry it easily while doing any other work. We will give you a detailed review of this monitor so if you are planning to purchase it, our suggestions will help you with that.

Specifications of ASUS MB168B

Before going into any detail, let’s quickly checkout the features of ASUS MB168B.

  • Height – 23.6 cm
  • Width- 37.9 cm
  • Display Size- 15.6 inches
  • Resolution- 1366X768
  • Model Number- MB168B
  • Weight- 800 grams
  • Power- 5 Watts
  • Lithium Ion Cells- 6
  • Lithium Battery- 4.75 Watt hrs
  • Graphics Card- Dedicated

ASUS MB168B (7)

Detailed Review of ASUS MB168B

  • First, we will start with the display panel of this monitor. The display panel is very slim and lightweight and comes with USB. So, there will be no need for any cables or power adapters.
  • The size of display is 15.6 inch with ratio of 16:8. On monitor left side, you will get the power button, brightness controller and on the bottom USB 3.0 port will be available. 
  • It comes with auto rotate feature which means that monitor can be placed in any direction or orientation. You can adjust it according to your preferences.
  • ASUS MB168B comes with ASUS Ezlink technology which means the display adapter is already inside the monitor. So, there is no need for any other graphics card for running the monitor.
  • Videos qualities are excellent on this monitor and the run time is very smooth.
  • For compatibility, this monitor is compatible with MAC OS 10, 8, 3 and above and Windows 7 to above. For linux, there is no update on this till now and we are working on it.
  • If you looking for the extended display on laptop, this monitor will be the perfect option. It can also be very handy and without any extra hardwares. For the performance, there are some disappointing features also which are view angle. You cannot focus on the things from any other angle except than straight. So, yes ASUS can update it a little and otherwise It’s a good choice in this budget and it can be a perfect choice for any employee or student.


Here was our detailed review of ASUS MB168B monitor and we have tried to include every important specs which can help you while your purchase. If you are looking for any budget monitor with slim design, Asus has done a good job on it. It will be the perfect option for your work or any project. The most fascinating thing about this monitor is that you don’t need to get any extra thing or spend your money because it has everything build in whether it is usb port or display card. So there will be no other expenses other than the monitor. For more updates on new monitors, we are working on it and will get back to your as soon as possible. Till then, follow us to get more updates like this in future.


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