Types of Motherboard

Motherboard which is also known as logic board or system board is a plastic sheet with circuits and sockets for connecting various components altogether and providing logistics in a sequenced manner. To connect various types of components, it has aluminium or copper on the sheet. You must be eager to know about the components of the motherboard which makes it a little complex to understand. But if you are familiar with the components, the whole process will be very easy and simple. Before knowing the types of motherboards, let’s move ahead with the components.

Components of Motherboard

  • Power connector
  • Slots for memory
  • Storage connector
  • CPU sockets
  • USB Ports
  • IO Chip
  • Chipset
  • IDE connector
  • Audio connector
  • Rear Fan connector
  • Expansion slot for card
  • Clock generator
  • CMOS battery
  • PCI peripheral slots
  • ROM for booting
  • Chassis Fan connector

Motherboard have these components in a single sheet where it can manage all the functions smoothly. It is known for meeting all the expectations of a process on a single board, where many other system requires extension boards which can be quiet frustrating and long process. Some of us are already aware that keyboards, mouse connects to USB ports which are available on the motherboard. You can also add additional device with the help of expansion slots.

Now, lets talk about the types of motherboard which are available till now.

How many types of motherboard are available?

  1. AT Motherboard – These motherboards are specially designed for bigger dimensions of computers. You can fit these ones into mini desktop so larger desktop will be required. Many users are facing difficulties with these types of motherboard because of complex process of power connectors.
  2. ATX Motherboard – The next type we have is ATX motherboard which emplies Advanced technology extended. It was invented after AT motherboard and also known as improved version of previous one. If we compare it to AT one, it comes in small size with improved power connector.
  3. LPX Motherboard – For more slots and easy connection, LPX motherboard was invented. It comes with some changes like input and output ports were shifted to backside and invention of riser card. It doesn’t have Accelerated Graphic Port for direct connection so it can be a disappoint with this motherboard.
  4. BTX Motherboard – BTX is a short form of Balanced technology extended which was introduced with advanced technology and more power.
  5. PICO BTX Motherboard – The name of this motherboard was created because of its size. It is very small in size with two expansion slots and it also completes the requirement of digital applications. It also comes with riser cards which provides extra expansion.
  6. Mini ITX Motherboard – Compared to previous versions, it is the smaller one which was designed in early 2000. It consumps very low power and comes with faster cooling ability. It is also best choice for low fan noise and better quality process.


We hope that this small article helped you to know the types of motherboards. This information is very useful because it will help you to get the best motherboard in your hand.


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