Passwords are the most important thing when it comes to the security of our data. In this digital world, keeping your personal information secured has been a difficult task because many fraud websites or hackers are continuously trying to steal them. To avoid this, It is very important to secure your personal data completely. To do that, we have password which can help you to manage your information in a convenient way. Passwords that are difficult to remember are worthless. Passwords that are too simple to remember, on the other hand, can be easily guessed or determined via a brute-force assault. The stakes are continuing to climb as activities such as personal banking and retirement move more and more online.

In today’s article, we will let you know about how to keep strong and unique password and how we can easily remember them. It will help you to secure your account as well as your digital data because password is the only key which can manage everything online without any loss.

Steps for unique and strong password

  • Focus on making it memorable and difficult to guess while building a difficult-to-crack password that’s distinctive and easy to remember. Isn’t that simple? You can quickly generate a strong and memorable password with little effort if you learn a few easy techniques.
  • You can use some complex password which can be remembered easily like you are an online buyer and frequently visit Amazon or Flipkart. So what you can do is to keep a password which involves code of this website. The benefit of using it that not everyone can guess it and you can remember it easily because you are familiar with the codes. For example, you are shopping for a shirt so you can keep your password like ABT_TBY_Shrt@ which means about to buy shirt.
  • You can special characters in between your password like 156@#123_. This seems difficult but if you are using the combination which can be remembered easily by you then it will be only difficult for others not you.
  • While creating your password, never write it down on your copy or somewhere else because it can waste your time and security both.
  • Create a password which is easy for you and hard for everyone. There is a need of lots of mind work but trust me it can worth it if your password is highly secure.

Tips for password management

  1. Never share your password with anyone whether they are your friends, family or colleague. If you are getting any call and they are asking password, even they are from bank or some organization, don’t share it in any circumstances.
  2. Use password manager for managing your password because sometimes it can be forgotten by us too. So, it is very important to manage all passwords of different accounts for that you can use password manager.
  3. ¬†Never reuse your passwords because it will make all the hacking process easy for hackers. If you are reusing your password and someone else is already familiar with that then what is the use of having password. So if you have a password of any account don’t use it for different account, always create an unique one.
  4. Clear your history and logout your session if you are accessing your account from someone else account. Before logging out, remember to clear your history and check whether your password is saved or not.