Windows 11 tips and tricks you should know

Windows 11 has been updated and now you should be eager to know about the tips and tricks. Whenever we are using any version of window, it is very important to be familiar with the functions otherwise everything is going to get confused. Windows 11 has been introduced with new features and tricks which is quite different from the previous version. Windows 11 has a number of little tweaks and improvements that add up to a significant improvement. 

In today’s article, we are going to help you with the Windows 11 tips and tricks you should know. It will help you to manage all the process easily without getting any confusion.


Features of Windows 11

  • Only the most relevant options are now available from the right-click menu. Select Show additional choices to open a spill-over menu if you require extra options, such as printing, changing the backdrop, or seeing the complete file location.
  • The old Task View button has been replaced with a new icon on the taskbar, making it easier to setup and manage numerous desktops. Simply mouse over the symbol to see whether there are any active virtual desktops or to start a new one.
  • The snap and resize capability has been supported by Microsoft since Windows 7, but Snap Layouts gives it a boost in Windows 11. You can still drag and drop windows into place, but with Windows 11, hovering over the Maximize button on compatible programmes will provide a menu of layout possibilities. Select your favourite configuration with a click, then drag and drop your applications into position.
  • Microsoft has adjusted the file explorer button with ribbon for your convenience. There’s no need to sift through several tabs and settings you’ll never use because just the cut, copy, share, sort, and view choices are available now. Windows 11 now has a New button for generating new folders, shortcuts, and documents depending on your installed apps.
  • The Placement of the start button will attract you as it is designed in such a way. First, It was available on the lower left corner but now it is available in the center of task panel. But don’t worry, you can go back and modify it. Open Taskbar Settings by right-clicking the taskbar. Change Taskbar alignment to Left in the Taskbar behaviours drop-down. 
  • The Quick Settings that display in the Action Center in Windows 10 are separated from the notifications in that panel in Windows 11. 
  • A new icon on the taskbar allows you to check weather, sport scores, follow stock price and manage your outlook calendar easily. It also includes tick items off for reading the latest news or headlines.
  • It’s easy to become sidetracked when the work builds up with texts and video chats coming up throughout the day. In Windows 11, the Focus Sessions feature encourages you to set aside time for tasks that demands unbroken, intense concentration.


These were some of the windows 11 features, tips or tricks which can be very useful whether you are working or playing games. Windows 11 has introduced many things in their new interface which is not possible to cover in one article. We will update you more about the new tricks and tips in Windows 11.


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