7 ways to increase battery life of your laptop

Modern computers, fortunately, are far more efficient than their predecessors. Even low-cost desktop replacement laptops and even gaming behemoths now have battery life of over eight hours on a single charge. Laptops are the most powerful pieces of technology on the world, but they aren’t necessarily the greatest when it comes to battery life. There are several actions and methods you can do to ensure you aren’t tethered to a cable in a few months by extending the battery life of your laptop.

Extending the battery life of your laptop can be a quite difficult task but if you are familiar with the correct tips then it is going to be very simple task. Today, we are going to talk about the some ways to increase battery life of your laptop. let’s check out 7 ways to increase battery life of your computer system.


7 Tips to increase battery life of your laptop

  • Adjust your screen brightness – Adjusting the screen brightness will help you to manage the battery life of your laptop. When we use laptop with high brightness settings, it takes so much battery. The screen is one of the components that consumes a significant amount of battery power to maintain it clear and bright. One simple tip for conserving energy is to lower the brightness. The screen brightness button is located on one of the F keys. There will be a small sun icon on it. On some computer models, it might also be on one of the arrow keys. To engage the trigger, you’ll usually have to hold down the FN key.
  •  Turn off the Internet when it is not used- You can turn off your wifi system or any other internet connection, if it is not being used. Turn this off while you’re using your laptop away from a wireless network that you can connect to. Many laptops feature a basic on/off button that you can enable. Because some older laptops lack this feature, you may need to go into the Notification Center and turn it off manually.
  • Window Performance Management tool – The Windows performance management tool is the first destination on our battery-life improvement tour. It’s a slider in Windows 10 that you may get from the battery symbol in the task bar. It’s under Settings > System > Power & Battery > Power Mode in Windows 11. Its goal is to categorise all of the parameters that influence battery life into a few simple categories.
  • Close the applications which are not being used- For a list of applications that are consuming the most power, type “See which apps are influencing your battery life” into the Windows 10 search bar. This list may be found in the Power & Battery settings pane under Battery Usage in Windows 11. If you see a programme you don’t use much consuming a lot of power, be sure to close it.
  • Check your battery life on a regular basis – For having the best battery life, You should keep a regular check on your battery. Over time, all batteries lose their charge capability and must be replaced. It’s usually a good idea to check on the health of a battery every now and then. When your battery is fully charged, you should remove it from the charger. Make sure you have enough airflow and aren’t charging it in a bad outlet. Check to see whether your charging wire is twisted or covered — walking on it or bending it too much can do a lot of harm.
  • Run a check on battery management system – Some new laptops can now automatically track the battery’s temperature history and charging habits. This information can be utilised by the manufacturer’s software to alter “full” charging so that it stays below 100 percent of the battery’s capacity if you don’t use it frequently.
  • Keep Battery Backup – Always have a battery backup with you for management. These backups are available in the market at reasonable rates so you can have them and use it for charging if your charger is not working.


Sometimes there can be some serious issue with your battery so if these tips are not working for you then you can take your laptop to a repair service. It is very important to repair your laptop’s battery as soon as possible because if you are ignoring it then it can cause you big problem compared to now. We hope these tips were helpful for you and you can easily manage your battery of laptop. 


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