If your laptop breaks down sooner than you think it should, there’s a risk you’re contributing to its premature demise with certain particularly terrible behaviours. Having long-lasting PCs allows your company to save money while reducing IT-related expenditures. Computer lifespan, on the other hand, is only achievable if your machines are correctly utilised. If you have a lot of computer problems, you could have a few terrible PC habits. Here are some of the most damaging things you can do to a computer without you realising it.


6 bad habits you should avoid which are destroying your PC

  1. No care of battery: Because the battery absorbs heat from the laptop, it degrades quicker if you keep it attached to a power source after it has been fully charged. If newer batteries are totally depleted frequently, their life duration will be shortened as well. Batteries degrade with time—you could get eight hours on a full charge when you initially buy it, but that may drop to six or seven hours after a few years. Care of your laptop battery in very important if you don’t want to destroy it.
  2. Giving dirt and dust a space – Over time, dust and grime accumulate on computers, causing the components to heat up and the fans to spin faster. While cleaning the computer on a regular basis might assist, it is preferable to be proactive and prevent dirt from entering. Dust collects on all computers over time, causing the components to heat up and the fans to work harder. While cleaning it on a regular basis will assist, you should also try to keep things out of your computer in the first place.
  3. Suspicious web browsing – Viruses can easily enter your laptop if you are doing unprotect web browsing. It destroys your laptop completely and you can also lose your all data within a second. Protect your company by being aware of cyberthreats such as phishing, a fraud that employs false but legitimate-looking emails to acquire personal, financial, or professional information. These emails frequently include a link to a phishing site or an attachment that downloads malware onto your machine. To avoid that, you can use virtual private network or VPN which encrypts your internet connection and all data transfers.
  4. Not handling laptop with care- I’ve seen individuals lift up laptops by the display, forcefully open the hinge on one side, and chuck their computer onto the sofa on the other side of the room. However, if your laptop contains a standard spinning hard drive rather than an SSD, throwing or shaking the computer might cause the drive’s head to dislocate or hit the disk’s surface, especially if the drive is operational at the time. So, it is very important to treat your laptop with care.
  5. Unnecessary use of online tools – There are many tools available online which offers pc cleaning or cooling services. Some tools or software also contains virus and malware which can destroy your computer. These applications are completely useless. In reality, rather than optimising your computer, some apps may end up harming it. Instead of downloading apps that claim to repair computer problems, use the built-in utilities.
  6. Improper uses of cables and ports –  While harming a USB port or cable isn’t as harmful as misusing a power adapter, it can nevertheless cause your computer to suffer irreversible damage. Make sure you’re connecting your cable to the right port. Because USB and HDMI ports are similar in appearance, make sure you plug peripherals into the correct port to avoid port damage.


Laptops are expensive and they need proper care and management. Not everyone can buy laptops again and again but if you are not using it with proper care then it can harm your money and time both. For smooth working process, it is very important to handle your computer system nicely otherwise it is going to disturb your work and management both.