Why to use Microsoft Edge Browser

You must have heard about Microsoft Edge Browser which is gaining growth day by day. We have already used Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and many more browsers for browsing internet but why should we use the Microsoft Edge browser. What is different is this browser which can not be find in others. Edge is Windows 11’s default web browser, and it’s the only one that can load some Microsoft-only URLs. You can easily alter the default, but after you see what the new Edge has to offer, you may not want to. Through WebView2, Edge may also be used as a built-in web viewer for programmes that require internet connectivity.

Today we will talk about Microsoft Edge Browser facts and tips so you can know the answer of why to use microsoft edge browser.

6 reasons to use Microsoft Edge Browser

  • Organized Interface and attractive look – Microsoft edge browser comes with organized interface and attractive look. Edge, like all of the other apps in Windows 11, has a new appearance. It goes further than Windows 10 in terms of implementing the Fluent design language. Mica is a more subtle new design material used by the browser that changes the look of elements like the title bar depending on the colour of the window or desktop behind it. You could also note the rounded corners of the window.
  • Enhanced privacy settings – Edge provides easy-to-understand privacy choices. There’s a trade-off here, as with most things in life: the more secure and private the privacy level you pick, the less site features and functionality you’ll receive. Edge’s InPrivate mode is similar to what other browsers call Incognito or private surfing mode. Edge does not save browser history, searches, or cookies in InPrivate mode, and it does not disclose your Microsoft account identify with sites you visit. Although all of the main browsers now feature some password manager capability, being able to remember your passwords can also improve your security.
  • Organize web pages easily – Edge’s built-in Collections feature is one of the simplest and most effective I’ve encountered. Online clipping programmes and plugins for organising web research have been around for a long time. The top toolbar button on the right side, which displays the tools panel, allows you to cut web pages. It takes only one click to add the current page to a Collection, and a right-click option on the tab bar lets you add all active tabs.
  • Immersive reading mode feature available – Microsoft edge browser comes with immersive reading mode features which is not available in other browsers. Edge’s can read the book aloud in a remarkably genuine voice for you. This function highlights and auto-scrolls the text to assist learners or individuals who have difficulty reading, making it an accessibility tool as well.
  • Can take full page screenshots – You can easily capture screenshot of full page without any issues. It allows you to pick a portion of a webpage for a snapshot, but its most impressive feature is that it can automatically scroll down a webpage to capture the entire page. After shooting, you may use a pen to make notes on the screenshot or save it to a Collection.
  • Include Math Solver tool – One more exciting feature of Microsoft Edge Browser is math solver tool. The Math Solver is a useful tool for students since it allows you to answer an on-screen equation or type one in using the keyboard. According to its starting screen, it can do “basic arithmetic through sophisticated algebra, trigonometry, and more.


I have explained some points which can help you to know the exciting features of Microsoft Edge browser. With lots of features which are not available in other browsers, this browser has attracted lots of users so for more organized working process. 


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