What is a Motherboard?

Like a backbone in the body, motherboard is also for balancing the computer system. This is why, it’s a very important part of any system.

Hence, here we will help you to know the answers of your questions related to motherboard, like what is a motherboard? How is it works? Which is the best motherboard? How to know the functioning of a motherboard is up to the mark or not? And many more.


First of all we should discuss about what is a motherboard? Motherboard is a kind of printed circuit board or be can call it a foundation of any computer or it is the biggest board of chassis of the computer.

It is like a primary board on which all other boards or circuits are fixed or attached. That’s why, we call it a platform for other hardware to make connections with each other. It is a place where CPU, GPU, RAM, ROM, etc are integrated and function for a system together.

It is also known as mboard, mobo, mobd, base board, main circuit board, mb, backplane board, planar board, system board and logic board. It is known as logic board when it is used for mobiles and smartphones.

What is in Motherboard?

MSI Meg B550 MotherboardMotherboard looks like a plate or a flat paper or a card board, which is made up of certain plastic that contain metal design and wire over and around it. It has capacitor,  heat sinks, fans and power and data connectors.

There are many screw holes are also present. These holes are for the addition of new parts in it. These are also for anchoring it into a device.

There are many things or devices that are plugged on the motherboard. These devices are known as components of a motherboard. These components are:

  • Optical drives, such as DVD and CD-ROM
  • Video cards and GPUs
  • Sound cards
  • Hard drives (SSD or HDD)
  • Processors (CPU)
  • Memory sticks (RAM)

How to get a best Motherboard?

One can get the best motherboard with the purchase of any device. It is inbuilt in it. But, after using the device for a long time it get out of order. Then, one has to purchase a new one from authorised platforms or shops. You can buy, some of the motherboard from Vajawat.

But before purchasing a motherboard, one should cross check few things that will help that person to get a motherboard that run last without an issue. Here are some points:

  • Find out the exact model of the motherboard that you want to fit in your pc or device.
  • Check whether the motherboard you are purchasing is able to connect CPU, GPU and other components of your device or not.
  • Must check it will allow you to upgrade your device or not.
  • And have good warranty period.

How to keep care of motherboard?

As we know that motherboard is the most important component of a device. So, its our duty to keep it up to the mark. Here are some precautions that one should take to keep their motherboard functioning properly. Here are the precautions:

  • There should be a proper cooling system for a motherboard. For that, one should connect fans or liquid cooler to the chassis. You can also use room cooler and ac for this.
  • A damage to the device or falling of device can also corrupt the motherboard. To avoid this take care of dropping of your system, specially laptop and smartphones. One can buy shock absorbing cover for devices.
  • Avoid electrical damages. This can be done by using local or faulty power accessories.
  • There should not be a faulty connection in the motherboard.
  • One should use covers to prohibit the dust particles. And motherboard should also clean in certain intervals.

How to know that Motherboard is Dead ?

If you come to know that your motherboard is getting out of the order then you have to replace it immediately. Because without it your system will not function. Here are some points, that will tell you that your motherboard is dead or about to dead:

  • Device get switched off unexpectedly.
  • Device is not turning on.
  • Device is producing odour of burning or other chemicals.
  • Some accessories are not working and taking time to response.

If the device is showing these symptoms then the motherboard is dead or about to dead. After that, one should replace it with the new one and here you will get a big list of best motherboard of every company. You can click here and have look on our products.


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