How to do Livestream on various platforms?

Livestream has been very popular since everything is digital now. Mainly gamers do livestream for gaining the popularity. When we talk about the livestream, it is simply meant to showcase the skills and knowledge. People play games and share their experience with others by livestreaming. Now, many newcomers have question that how to do livestream on various platforms. To answer this question, we are here to help you by providing important facts about livestream and its advantages

What are various Livestreaming Platforms?


There are many platforms available for livestreaming. Now, which one is the right to choose, it depends on your requirements and equipment. Let’s check out some livestreaming platforms and their advantages-

  1.  Youtube Live – Youtube Live is one of the largest livestreaming platform which is being used by many streamers. For livestreaming, you need to give the buffer time of 1 hour to Youtube and after that you can start your streaming. You can select your targeted audience and settings as per your preferences.
  2. Facebook – The next largest platform for livestreaming is Facebook where many users do streaming of games or any professional work. Facebook’s interface has changed recently, so you can easily get live streaming from your mobile Facebook app. You can also mention comment or any information about the video before going live.
  3. Instagram – People connect more on Instagram comparison to other social media platforms. With Instagram Live, a function of the Instagram Stories feature, you can stream video streams and save replay on your stories. Users can engage through options and comments during the stream.
  4. Twitter – You can also do live streaming on Twitter and engage audience with your content. The advantage of using this platform is that you can show your content to the large audience because Twitter is the largest social media platform where large number of audience is available.

Preparation for Livestreaming

  • Setup is very important when it comes to live streaming. So, the first step will involve organizing a simple setup which consists of everything needed to do live streaming.
  •  You must have all the equipments like camera, high quality pc, wifi connection and strong hardware to start streaming. Additional equipments must be present with you as a backup because you don’t need to take any chance during live.
  • Check your network completely as bandwidth is very important for streaming. If you are streaming on low internet or connectivity, there is no use for that so try to have better connection with high bandwidth.
  • Go for advanced technology headphones and music system for audio. You can refer to razer, coconut or many other headphones which have strong bass and noise free sound.
  • Testing is necessary before going live as it can help you to identify any mistake on the spot. So, create a account and test your livestream before the final step.
  • Be original with your content as it is the main ingredient in your stream. Focus on your content whether it is gaming or any other genre. 

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