Call of Duty: Vanguard Review

Call of duty again spins its war and for the sixth time, it is time to see “World War II” in history. Call of Duty has always felt most at ease kicking Hitler in the Panzerschrecks, snugly snuggled in the history of the victorious, safe in the knowledge that the villains were truly terrible. It is, nonetheless, the most hardest environment in which to start something new. Call of Duty has shown amazing performance in covering the World War II conflicts and maintained its consistency, 

In this review, I will explain the difference between goal and implementation of Vanguard game. The action begins with an attack on a German train, with Russian advance fires raging in the background.


Performance of Call of Duty: Vanguard

  •  It’s a unique setting for a WWII shooter. It has amazing settings which will provide the unique perspective on the turnout of this platform.
  • The campaign’s centrepiece is ‘Stalingrad Summer,’ which gives you a taste of life in WWII’s pivotal city before the Nazi invasion and before all hell breaks free in the campaign’s main action sequence.
  • Not all of the missions are well-planned. Missions which are situated in North Africa are mesmerizing and gives additional pleasure while playing games. But, in the end, it’s just another journey across the desert. The Battle of Midway is the biggest letdown, with breath-taking aerial combat hampered by Call of Duty’s stubbornness to relinquish control of the flightstick, continually driving you toward the next goal rather than allowing you to appreciate the fight.
  • Unfortunately, the group only collaborates on two missions. They spend the remainder of the time in a jail cell, where Dominic Monaghan’s scary Nazi administrator tries to hide Vanguard’s near total absence of storyline.
  • While the story tries to make the most of its concepts, multiplayer is more forward-thinking, with a few major tweaks and more specific new features that set it apart from past years. More damaging maps are the most prominent of the new features. While we’re not talking about Battlefield-level devastation, some walls and windows may be destroyed to change the flow of maps, and landscapes can be ‘dirtied’ over time.
  • Patrol is the multiplayer highlight of Vanguard. This is a capture and hold scenario similar to Domination, except only one control point moves across the map at random. This makes it significantly more dynamic than traditional Domination since the controlling team must continually alter its defence to counter new sightlines or assault angles



Within Vanguard, there are glimmers of brilliance, and hopefully Sledgehammer can expand on those concepts in the series’ next instalment. This time, though, my sentiments are mainly neutral. There are a few of amazing missions in the singleplayer game, and there are a couple of nice multiplayer options. Call of Duty: Vanguard, on the whole, is a conflict we’ve seen before.


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