what is a graphics card

What is a Graphics Card?

Everyone who is not from a technical side are always wondering that do we really need graphics card or not.

To resolve this quarry, we are going to discus what is a graphics card? What are its functions? What type of graphics card available? Which is the best graphics card? Thoroughly.

What is a Graphics Card?

Graphics card is also known as video card, graphics adapter, display adapter, video adapter and display card.

It is an expansion card which help system of device to generate feed of output images and pictures to a display device, like computer monitor or mobile screens.

It is same as motherboard and have many components. The most important component of graphics card is GPU (graphics processing unit).

Many people think that GPU is a graphics card, but that’s not true. It’s a component of graphics card. The function of GPU is to perform computations.

Types of GPU

There are two forms of GPUs: –

  • Integrated GPU: this type of GPUs is in-built into motherboard. It can’t be removed or detached from the motherboard. These types of GPUs are mostly used in laptop and ordinary desktop.
  • Discrete GPU: this type of GPUs is mounted on graphics card and attached to expansion slot of motherboard. It is detachable and replaceable. One can upgrade it as per the availability of more advanced graphics card.  It is mostly use in expensive PC and laptop.

There are only two brands in the market, which are developing graphics card. These brands are Nvidia and AMD. The objective of these companies is not to compete with each other. It has a simple objective and that is to make their product more advance and valuable.

Uses of Graphics Card

As the technology is developing day by day the tendency of graphics card is also upgrading. Nvidia and AMD are producing graphics card which can render the graphics pipelines DirectX and OpenGL on the hardware level.

From 2010 onward, developers had upgraded graphics card a bit more. It had evolved a tendency to solve non-graphic tasks too, with the support of OpenCL and CUDA. In recent time, it is used for AI training, molecular simulation and cryptocurrency mining.

what is a graphics card

Features of Graphics Card

In this section we will discuss features of graphics card. There are many but out of whole features we have selected the most important one.


Graphics card need memories to render images and special effects properly and display it on output smoothly. At this moment we can have a graphics card with a memory of 128MB to 32GB and more. Higher the RAM more will be its performance.

Multiple Screen Support-

There is one more feature of graphics card is that it allows users or gamers to make two separate desktops or help to separate monitors into two in a single desktop. In simple word we can connect two monitors in single card.

Video Editing and Amazing Gaming Experience-

If anyone uses high-end video editing and love gaming then graphics card is the most important thing for them. As it helps to reduce the rendering time of images and improve high-def environment.


To connect graphics card with monitor we need different ports. There are some ports which we use to connect monitors with graphics cards, are: VGA, HDMI and DVI.

Many advanced motherboards have more than one 1 expansion slot to connect graphics card. This allows users to add one more graphics card to your device to improve the performance of your system.

Our objective is to provide you a knowledge about graphics card so that you can purchase best one out of all options for your device. You can purchase it on our website by clicking here.



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