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Wild Definition of Love

2. In religious usage: God`s benevolence and affection for an individual or creation; (also) an individual`s loving devotion to God; One person`s respect and consideration for another, motivated by a sense of shared relationship with God. Cf. charity, n. 1.In theological discourse, the love of complacency [according to the post-classical Latin amor complacentiae (a1350 in a British source)] implies the recognition of the qualities of the object, while the love of benevolence [according to the post-classical Latin amor benevolentiae (13th century; a1350 in a British source)] is conferred regardless of the character of the object. † Love Parakeet n. Expired rare = turtle doves n. 1a. Apparently only attested in dictionaries or glossaries. Love beads n.

(a necklace of) colored beads worn as a symbol of love; Spec. one that symbolizes universal brotherly love (typically associated with the hippie subculture of the 1960s). Love Bush N. mainly from the Caribbean one of the various parasitic twin plants of the genus Cuscuta (family Convolvulaceae); Cf. Dodder No. 1: love-hate vs. transitive to manifest a love-hate relationship with (a person, etc.); Love and hate at the same time. Love spoon n. a wooden spoon with an intricate style, sometimes with a double bowl, traditionally carved (especially in Wales) to be presented as a sign of love for the woman destined. Wild Love offers a revolutionary approach to what love really means and how we can make our lives and relationships truly magical.

This suggests that whenever we try to be good – or expect others to be good – we separate ourselves from the freedom, joy, and unconditional love that are our natural birthright. Our relationships fall into “blame, shame and tame” and will be superficial, insecure or unsatisfactory. Only when we strive to be happy and achieve our dreams do we reconnect to the energy source – and unleash our unique potential. c. for love (with): not or more in love (with); (with prolonged use) disillusioned or disgusted (with). (a) For the sake of: for the will, for the will. Often in emphatic statements and exclamations, as for God`s sake (see also (also †before) God`s love for God n. and int. 1b). †Also for my (our, etc.) Love: for me. In subsequent use only when a certain sense of the literal meaning is involved (mainly in exclamations); in early usage often only idiomatic, corresponding to the classical Latin causā, gratiā um des (both with a genitive name, for example.

honōris causā, honoris gratiā for honor, as well as with a pronominal adjective, e.g. meā causā, meā gratiā for me, tuā causā, tuā gratiā for your good); cf. also the classical Latin pro amōre, which is used with a possessive adjective, e.g. prō amōre nostro for our love, and in postclassical Latin also with a genitive noun, e.g. Prō amōre studiorum for the love of study (6th century). For God`s sake, cf. post-classical Latin Dei causa (end of the 2nd century in Tertullian), pro Dei amore (6th century). In Old English, the noun was often plural. Without limiting itself to the woman, whether male or female, because the film “Ki and Ka” showed the reversible role of man and woman and how it was even savagery in a way.

For me, it was something very adventurous, something I would dream about, but in reality, it is difficult to imagine such a situation. This kind of ferocity is something unusual and unique, where both characters follow their choices and how he became so famous. Call to love n. (a) a call or other expression of emotion used by one lover to another; (b) a cry or sound made by an animal during courtship or to attract a mate. Love labor n. now rare = making love n. (in both directions). I`ve never given much thought to how we talk about love. The question seems to be innate, who we are as human beings. From Bell, I realized that we are indeed “relatively silent about love.” By remaining silent, we protect ourselves from insecurity because we want to know love. †d. In Old English (as opposed to the lagu law): amicable or peaceful settlement (as opposed to litigation).

Hence (in later usage) sometimes Latin foedus treatise, alliance. Obsolete. Under Love and Law: Refers to the position of a member of a Frankpledge. Liebespassage n. an incident of amusing experience; A romantic intermezzo. In addition, I sometimes feel that we also go crazy with pain or when we are deprived of something. As if we were sad, we think and think about the same situation with multiple meanings and try to get multiple possibilities, even if we are aware that things are not within our control. Also, something like insomnia is something where people usually hear “You`ve gone crazy” because the person loses control of themselves. That`s how I do it, I don`t know why I do what I do. Such a mental block is so much fun and adventurous.

One of the most beautiful and recent experiences is in one of my lectures where I didn`t sleep for 2 days and still worked the second night. While working, coincidentally, every time my friend and I looked at each other, we laughed without any statement. It was amazing! I would love to relive this moment! On the contrary, it`s more exciting when others give “that look” and say, “This person is crazy.” (a) a musical note in a love song (mainly plural); (also) the cry of love of an animal; b) a written love note, a short love letter. Love Potion n. a potion that is said to be capable of arousing sexual attraction or love, especially towards a particular person; a Philtre love; = Love drink n. in love adj. now rare (of a child) = illegitimate adj. 2a.

P5. † increase (also nim) love: love or affection for. Obsolete. To be wild is to be free of skin, heart and soul. To be wild is to be guided by the heart. And what I mean by heart is the passion that ignites life and purpose in a person`s being. A wild woman is neither good nor bad; She is right in the middle of it all and playfully creates her own sense of balance. † Love Money n. Obsolete rare pieces broken into two parts and divided between lovers or friends as a sign of remembrance. c. The Motive of Romantic Love in Imaginative Literature. I also believe that when we talk about savage, it is dedicated to more women in a negative connotation.

Since stereotypical boys are considered acceptable in patriarchal society, where there are strict social norms for a woman that must be followed in order to maintain her femininity. A very classic example of this is: “It`s not feminine when a woman sits with her legs open”, she looks them directly into the eyes in a firm voice and asks: “What does woman mean?” and “define a lady”. b. Tennis. like: (compared to a game) with a player who does not earn points; (referring to a set), where a player does not win games. b. In the plural. depictions or personifications of Cupid; mythological gods of love or servants of the goddess of love; Figures or representations of the God of Love. Often with changing words.

† Liebessee n.


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