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Yamaha Tt 500 Street Legal

Meanwhile, Yamaha was watching closely from the sidelines. There is no doubt that the idea of reviving racketeering came to mind, but why would they risk it? Let Honda investigate research, development and marketing. Then, if Honda succeeds, move in with a model that would surpass the XL. That`s where the TT500 comes in. Yamaha`s new four-stroke 500 OHC, which can be produced in both enduro (XT) and game bike (TT), is an extremely versatile and attractive machine. When Canadian Paul Miller came back with a `77 TT500 basket, he decided to give it a try. He built a sleek and maneuverable road tracker that is road legal despite the first impression. Of particular note is LED lighting, which complies with Canadian legal requirements, but is almost invisible until activated. The switchgear is just as smooth: the signal, light and horn switches are specialty dragster parts. Miller, 25, lives in the oil town of Calgary, Alta., and grew up with road poles and drag racing. He is a gas turbine engineer, but today it is motorcycles that run his engine. The single down-tube mild steel frame can be split into two brackets directly under the first motor mount. A underrun protection plate is mounted to protect the engine from rock damage.

The massive upper backbone is the oil reservoir for the dry sump engine. A double trochoidal pump sucks the oil from the tank and returns it. The capacity of the backbone is 2200cc. Wiring harness – with reliability, simplicity and future upgrades in mind, a sample XT loom plus ignition switch, LH handlebar switchgear were purchased from Kedo. “I learned a lot during this setup,” he admits. “I did all the work of the engine, ignitions, plumbing, welding and sheet metal. Plus manufacturing, wiring, painting and polishing. But he knows when to name one day: his attempt at padding failed, so the experts were called. It`s meticulous work with impeccable finishing and quality control – right down to the safety wiring. Miller`s training on gas turbines shows this. Power from the engine to the five-speed gearbox is transmitted by a set of straight-cut primary gearboxes.

Usually, linear area codes emit a loud groan. But those of the Yamaha were absolutely silent. “I`m really interested in street trackers, so I decided to build one,” says Miller, who rides motocross whenever he can. “I had a clear vision from the beginning.” Rear Chain Guard – Buying a Replacement Item (Ebay) Gearbox – Replace the sprockets and TT chain with XT specifications The air intake is high and at the rear of the bike. Impurities are filtered by a washable foam element. The crankcase pressure is evacuated by a PCV valve. Any oil that could be pushed through the valve is trapped by a cone-shaped plastic cap and returned to the engine after stopping. The vapours are reintroduced into the intake tube through a hose. “I wanted something different, so I opted for the white wheels and frame.

And I wanted to make as many pieces as possible. The frame geometry is designed more for stability than agility. With a 30.5-degree rake and a whopping 5.3-inch drag, the TT500 shouldn`t be as smooth and supple as it is. And yet, it goes exactly where it points. From time to time, the Dunlop Sports 3.00-21 would drop in front and it would press _front end. Dunlop tyres are very good, provided the ground contains some moisture. But Southern California`s motorcycle playgrounds rarely have such ideal conditions. The senior athlete 4.60-18 suffers from the same disease, but at a much lower level. The traction characteristics inherent in the engine are the reason for the improved grip.

But it`s the custom-built rear brake fluid tank that most people comment on. “I`ve often been asked if I`m going to throw it,” Miller says. “It`s coming soon.” The engine is a linear single-cylinder with two valves. The bore and stroke measure 87 mm x 84 mm, giving a total displacement of 499 cc. The overhead cam is driven by a chain on a sprocket on the right side of the engine. The chain pitch is identical to that of the Yamaha 650 Twin. The tension is maintained by a friction block tensioner, which can be easily adjusted from outside the motor. The camshaft itself is ball bearing at both ends. Miller has now established his own shop, PanicRev Customs, to offer his remarkable skills to other Canadian custom enthusiasts. The monstrous mill is powered by a 34 mm Mikuni carburetor. Although the physical composition of the carbohydrate, as well as the rapid reaction produced, suggest that it is a constant speed mixer, this is not the case. Two cables operate the Mikuni in a push-pull stunning; But instead of serving a butterfly as on a resume, they work through a roller, directly on the slide.

The machine has been brilliantly fueled all the time we had it. The complete ignition/lighting upgrade kit was purchased from the Rex Speed Shop and is of very high quality. Yamaha`s lightweight, wheeled TT500 is one of the greatest off-road motorcycles of all time. So how do you improve a machine that is already close to perfection? Just for fun, we did Yamaha motocross on a weekday. Immediately, it tells you that despite its relatively light weight (279 lb. with its 2.2 gal. Tank half full) does not want to be thrown away like a two-stroke engine. The 56-inch wheelbase keeps things in line, but it doesn`t like to be driven around corners. The 500 wants to be sunk, thrown and exploded. Try to corner it with the power on, and you`ll waste time. The engine offers fantastic traction, and when the bike bites into a corner, it straightens up, whether you`re ready or not. That`s why a quick square works better.

Shock absorbers for such a machine can be a problem. But Kayaba has those excellent DeCarbon gas/oil shock absorbers that we`ve seen so much lately. Suzuki uses them on the RM125, Kawasaki on the KX250 and 400, and Red Wing sells them as a replacement product. Every time we meet them, we become more and more convinced of their performance and near-indestructibility. The shocks of the Yamaha did not change our mind. The action is exceptional. In fact, the shock absorbers exceed the requirements of the machine in their cantilevered position (26 degrees from vertical), which offers 5.7 inches of axle travel. Our lighter staff felt that while the impact of the shock absorbers was excellent, the suspension was a bit too stiff.


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